Spokane, Washington Area 501(c)3 Volleyball Club with teams ranging from U-12 to U-16 in age

Rivals Volleyball Club

  A Rival is a Competitor and as our name implies, we are competitors and we compete to win.  To be thought of as a Rival, is to be given the respect of your opponent and that they value the chance to compete against you.  Club Volleyball, like AAU Basketball and Select or Premiere Soccer, demands that the participants aren't there just to play the sport, but to compete in the sport and put forth the effort required to be involved in a team at this level.

Volleyball requires all the athleticism of any other sport.  It is a true team sport that allows for players with different skill sets.  For competitive young women, it is one of the few sports that you can compete in after graduation for years and years to come.  No other team sport is played so many places in the world with so many options.  You can play volleyball indoors and outdoors; on grass, sand and the hard court.  You can play women's and co-ed, 2's, 4's, 6's or more!  To love the sport of volleyball is to find a lifelong activity.

Volleyball also seems to have a much lower injury rate than other sports.  For reasons unknown, physiologically, young women seem to be different than their male counterparts.  Sports such as basketball and soccer, which involve quick change of direction and body contact that can throw the athlete off-balance and lead to awkward landings, have a significantly higher injury rate (especially knee) than volleyball and the male versions of those sports.  In fact, women’s soccer and basketball rank only behind football in overall injury rates and knee related injuries in high school athletics.  While volleyball is certainly not injury free, it doesn't seem to be as physically punishing on the body.



  • We believe in the well-rounded athlete.  Our club will work to be flexible with our athletes other interests whether they be academic or athletic as long as each family communicates with the coaching staff at the earliest possible point about conflicts with team activities.
  • We are driven to be convenient and cost-consious.  These are the two most important factors that keep young ladies and their families from participating in club volleyball.  Our expenses will be tranparent and shared with our families throughout the season.
  • As coaches we strive to be positive, encouraging, consistent and patient while maintaining high expectations for all our players all the time.  We expect punctuality, a positive attitude, teamwork and good sportsmanship from our players and families.  We expect each member to strive to do what is best for the team, while always helping our team improve and grow.  We only expect your best effort and willingness to continue to improve each time you take the court.