Spokane, Washington Area 501(c)3 Volleyball Club with teams ranging from U-12 to U-16 in age

Rivals Volleyball Club

Head Coaches


U13 Head Coach: Cami Espiritu
Cami joins Rivals this year as a new member of the community. She comes to us from the
Shenandoah Surge Volleyball Club in West Virginia where she coached U13, U14, and U15 teams. Cami approaches coaching as not just training athletes in the sport, but also building character. Her coaching style inspires young athletes to work hard both on and off the court. She strongly believes that student athletes should be well-rounded and strong in all aspects of life, especially physically and academically. Cami’s enthusiasm and love of sports exude in her coaching as well as in her play. She has been a lifelong competitor in both basketball and volleyball and is thrilled to have found a volleyball home with the Rivals!

U14 Head Coach: Kerista Goodpaster
After playing volleyball for most of her life, including high school, club, and college, Kerista realized how impactful the experiences and the coaches were to her. The sport has taught her discipline, respect, teamwork, and determination, while giving her some of her closest friends. She has a passion for coaching now in hopes to provide the same opportunities and experiences
that were given to her. Kerista is a current volleyball coach at Shadle Park High School.

U15 Head Coach: Cari Galbreath and Tim Lunin
Cari and Tim are a great coaching duo. Cari returns as a previous coach at Rivals! She has had hugely successful teams at numerous levels as a coach at Rivals. Cari also currently coaches varsity at Ritzville High School. Tim also returns as a previous coach at Rivals! He has had successful teams at numerous levels as a coach at Rivals. Tim is currently very active in the Spokane Volleyball community.

U16 Head Coach:  Amanda Jacobsen
Amanda joins the Rivals team this year! Amanda is active in the Spokane volleyball community and has vast volleyball experience at the college and club level, both as a player and a coach.